100% Responsible Case Study

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The Objective :

Our client manages retail programs in over 4,000 locations across EMEIA, with the fixture estate regularly evolving. We wanted to support their business goals by reducing the environmental impact of retail fixtures that would otherwise be recycled or sent to landfill. Through our research team we found that in Egypt, around 1 in 5 school buildings are unfit for use lacking basic infrastructure & necessary furniture. Having this information, we were able to come up with solutions that could utilise the materials to be repurposed for this worthy cause.



The Solution :

Our final concept was to transform old fixture components into desks for schools.​ Utilising as much of the fixtures materials as possible and keeping waste to a minimum we used technical expertise to create a functional, yet simple design. The program started by removing 30 fixtures from 6 countries, across UK and Europe.​


Fixtures were deconstructed and the materials prepared for repurposing before being transported to our central European manufacturing facility. Once prototyping and testing were approved, 114 desks were made. The flat pack furniture kits were loaded into containers and shipped to Egypt for delivery in Cairo.


The Results :

The desks were quickly installed by our skilled partners in country, and 6 classrooms were suddenly transformed into functional working environments, providing new workstations for over 400 children.​ The desks will help children in classes between the ages 6-11 and provide improved facilities for their education and wellbeing.

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