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Knowledge is brand power.

Insights can make a brand more responsive and effective by positioning knowledge integral to your retail experience strategy.

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Our approach to Insight

Brands can be more responsive and effective when they integrate insight into their approach. Insight will support purpose and intent, fostering longer-term relationships with both your retail network and shoppers. At 100%, we offer expertise in research methodologies to deepen your understanding of the retail environment and its shoppers. Insight provides a foundation of truth and objective context, guiding us in crafting the most suitable strategies for designing successful retail experiences.

Our work in retail.

Explore our journey with Amazon as we unveil the intricacies of their European display installations, where innovation met precision to introduce the Smart Home range across Europe.

Brands we work with
Insight shaping retail

Design shapes a brands impact on the retail environment, the shoppers behaviour and the immediate and longer term climate crisis.

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A global and diverse supply chain gives you the infinite capacity to seamlessly activate individual or multiple territories sustainably.

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Our global coverage provides you with localised expertise to install your next retail experience project smoothly and consistently.

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We maintain your retail experiences to manage the continuous and relentless nature of retail. Our solutions are designed to keep your brand relevant and running in-store.

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Using our 3R framework, we work closely with brands to build longer term sustainable strategies for the retail experiences we deliver.

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