Rising to the challenge

We know retail display and graphics installation can be challenging. Timescales and budgets are nearly always stretched, while projects will often span several continents and hundreds of stores.

At 100%, we’re all about rising to these challenges. Our team don’t just expect them, they relish them. And we’ve won awards for meeting these highly specific, technically demanding challenges for our customers. All over the world, again and again. It’s what we do.

Building long-term relationships is how we’ve always done business. Our customers trust us to deliver, go further in pursuit of truly excellent service and challenge the status quo whenever necessary. We’re collaborators, committed to seeking better ways to tackle the shared challenges of our industry.


We are experienced in working with a wide variety of in-store media, to the highest compliance standards within challenging timescales. Permanent POP, temporary POS, shop-in-shop, window displays, vinyl & graphics, pop-up shops and digital media are all within our capabilities.

Operating across many different countries, our team are accustomed to working with high-profile customers and managing delivery within service level agreements. Each installation has to meet the same quality standards and comply fully with local regulations – there is no margin for error.

Leading retail brands trust us to bring their campaigns to life in-store. We tailor our display installation programmes to the dynamics of your business. If you need the installation to take place outside store opening hours to minimise disruption, or a rollout plan that prioritises certain global locations first, it’s no problem.

We’re proud of our display installation teams – they’re highly trained, technically skilled and experienced in every type of retail environment. Familiar with procedures at major shopping malls and airports across the world, we have installers certified to work at height and carrying a range of other health and safety accreditations needed to work in retail’s most demanding outlets.

With projects ranging from one-off flagship installations to high-volume rollouts across hundreds of stores, we carry out installation of temporary POS, permanent POP and Shop In Shop displays. We’re experienced in managing all types of digital media too and work hard to keep in touch with the latest innovation in the market.

Every installation we complete is supported by our Project HQ reporting system, where our teams capture comprehensive data and digital photographs for proof of delivery that you can view on our portal along with real-time project status updates.


We can keep your POS/POP displays up to date and ready for the latest campaign rollout. Typically, a new product launch campaign will be installed rapidly across multiple store locations, in multiple countries.

Through our update programmes, we provide tactical support for new product launches or other campaign objectives. Our field team will visit your stores to remove out of date messaging and displays before replacing with new POS, digital media and/or demonstration product. Our logistics services are vital to support successful campaign implementations, by receiving deliveries of bulk components, carrying out complex kitting tasks and onward transport to installers or stores, to ensure that the right parts and pieces, are in the right place, at the right time.


Maintenance services from 100% make sure your retail displays deliver an ongoing return by providing the very best customer experience.

We provide programmes tailored precisely to your business requirements and the make-up of your display estate. Permanent, semi-permanent and digital media retail displays are all covered.

Choose from a reactive maintenance service or a preventative maintenance solution tailor made to your estate.

We will manage spare parts inventory, from our central UK or Netherlands warehouse with rapid fulfilment service to pick and despatch replacement components in time to meet stringent response times.

It’s important to us to give you full transparency of your maintenance operation. Our online reporting systems give you visibility of ticket progress, visit reporting, inventory, and management information on the performance of your displays as well as our SLA compliance.

Our maintenance services:

Reactive maintenance. On-demand services, delivered with robust and scalable systems. We provide a helpdesk solution with online ticket management portal, to be able to respond rapidly whenever you have an issue with one of your on-site displays. Our technical managers will diagnose the reported fault to identify the remedial action and right parts to fix the issue. We typically respond with tiered turnaround times ranging from 24 hours to ten days, depending on the severity and importance of the issue.

Preventative maintenance. We create a bespoke plan that reflects the size and set-up of your display estate. Members of the 100% team will make regular scheduled visits to check the compliance and functionality of your displays, as well as completing any necessary repairs.

End of Life Solutions

At 100% we are committed to making a positive contribution to reduce the impact retail marketing products make on our planet.

Increasingly brands have sustainability at the front of mind when developing in-store marketing campaigns, with much effort invested in managing inputs of raw materials, design, manufacturing process and logistics efficiencies. Yet huge volumes of in-store promotional materials are disposed at the end of the campaign.

To close the loop on sustainability we believe that P-O-P should have end-of-life mapped out from the start of its lifecycle.

Whether you have already deployed your P-O-P or are developing a new campaign, we offer a range of solutions to handle retail displays which have served their purpose:

  • Disassembly & Removal: Our skilled teams attend stores to take down and transport removed POS to our facilities for processing in a manner that optimises the environmental impact of the campaign material.
  • Reuse: We can carry out repair or refurbishment work to displays to enable them to be deployed in secondary retailers.
  • Repurposing: We seek innovative ways to create a use for end-of-life display materials to better the lives of others by using core substrates to make entirely new products for use outside of retail.
  • Regifting: With many displays containing live or demo consumer products, we have partnerships to facilitate gifting these products to benefit those in need such as charities, NGO’s and schools.
  • Recycling: 100% works with a network of specialist recyclers to maximise the volume of materials recycled, with a target to send zero waste to landfill.


Transport & Logistics

We’re not just an installation partner – we have the complete logistics infrastructure needed to handle the movement of display materials from factory to store.

Our warehousing hubs are present in all the countries we operate, offering access to over 135 locations and 1.5m ft² of warehouse space. We use these facilities to receive bulk deliveries from parts manufacturers, provide short or long term storage solutions and importantly manage all inventory held via our online platform, Project HQ.

Its vital the right parts are received for installation, update and/or maintenance visit. Our fulfilment services cover order picking, kitting, collation and despatch for transport.

We use a variety of transport modes, deployed according to the type of consignment and speed of service required, including international parcel services, groupage pallet services, dedicated same day couriers, haulage vehicles, air and sea freight.

Crucial to international operations outside the EU is our ability to provide Importer of Record (IOR) and Brokerage services to assist with the movement of goods across customs borders. Working with our local partner offices we can ease the journey of delivering displays into destinations like India, Russia and Saudi Arabia.


Our surveys give brands valuable insight on their installation options when exploring the creation of new campaigns for new or existing retail locations, our experienced surveyors will help you find the information you need.

We tailor every survey to you by designing a bespoke questionnaire to reflect your unique objectives and retail environment, often including measurements of available space, floor plans, details of fixture types, an assessment of methods for mounting displays, notes of any obstructions, the location of electrical outlets, position of lighting and other factors. This activity is likely to focus on a specific, pre-determined area of the store, such as a window or wall bay. However, we can combine the survey with a wider evaluation of the store environment to assess the performance of existing POS/POP placements and new POS/POP opportunities.

Survey data, including hi-res photographs, technical CAD drawings, are reported in professional reports and on our online reporting platform to give you valuable insight for campaign and display design.

Compliance audits

Compliance audits give brands and retailers valuable insight on their retail estate to maximise the return on your in-store marketing investment.

We complete a detailed audit of promotional activity across your retail estate. Audits can focus on specific POS displays produced for a single campaign or look at the status of all POS capturing data in the presence in store, planogram compliance and operational functionality.

We tailor every audit to you by designing a bespoke questionnaire to reflect your unique objectives and retail environment. Audit data, including photographs if relevant, can be accessed instantly upon completion via our online reporting portal.

Sourcing & Production Management

We provide procurement & project management for production of in-store marketing materials on a global scale.

With a focus on customer service and quality, we leverage a UK, European and international supply chain to generate value and efficiency. Sustainability is core to our approach, incorporating in-depth knowledge of materials, manufacturing, and recycling techniques.

Our service range covers;

  • Specification and estimating
  • Collaboration with creative designers
  • Development design
  • Value Engineering
  • Prototyping
  • Production through an international multi-materials supply chain
  • Quality control on a local basis
  • Global transport, logistics and installation
  • Post-production support; maintenance and updates


We offer expertise in managing a wide range of retail projects including:

  • POP Displays both Permanent and Temporary
  • Premium store fixtures
  • VM / Window Displays
  • Retail Experience / Experiential
  • Pop Up Shops
  • Retail Technology

We specialise in activating retail brands in-store, around the world. Our central management team and regional partner network provides unrivalled coverage across Europe, the Middle East, India and Africa.

How & where

We work alongside major brands in retail environments around the world, with projects ranging from temporary displays to international events. Find out more about some of our recently completed installations here.

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