Field Day
European Launch

SONOS gives shoppers a field day with new premium display

Solutions : Insight | Implement | Maintain | Sustain

The Objective :

With a longstanding partnership of over 6 years, serving as SONOS’ retail partner of choice, SONOS were looking to centrally manage their largest EMEA launch to date. The Field Day play table program required collaboration with multiple stakeholders executing a high volume of installations, delivered within a concise timescale, across multiple countries and retailer fascia’s, with a diverse range of technologically advanced display fixtures.



The Solution :

SONOS partnered with 100 percent group to deliver the ultimate retail experience, with premium listening, strongly connected to an online presence.

A suite of displays were created with units to accommodate the different retail environments across European retailers. The fixtures are designed with intuitive customer demonstration, consistent design language in the form of a modular, flexible display solution which gives longevity and adaptability. Integration of innovative technology allows the ability to remotely update content and monitor display performance and serviceability. A core aim of the displays is to ‘demo and convert’, with ROI being calculated over a three-year life cycle.

The Results :

The Testimonial :

“All this was only possible with great partners we found in 100 Percent Group, who showed drive, determination and passion to deliver our needs, creating a positive working relationship which acted as an extension of our team, everyone bringing something different.”

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