Global Retail Futures Journal 02

Global retail features journal spring update

Welcome to the second edition of Global Retail Futures Journal from 100%. Our first journal introduced the research that we carried out in the retail sector at the end of 2021. The survey tackled a range of different areas including experiential shopping, sustainability and the advancement of technology in the industry.

In this issue we will be focusing more on the technology that is transforming retail. From VR experiences to the humble QR code, this edition will look into the strides forward that technology has made and the positive impact this is having on physical retail.

Our regular ‘Expert Opinion’ slot in this issue features Neil Russell-Bates, a sustainability consultant with over 30 years’ experience. Neil gives us his views on the sustainable future of the retail industry including how the industry has become side-tracked by the single use plastic agenda rather than focusing efforts on working on a truly sustainable product lifecycle.

We hope you find this issue just as informative as the first and look forward to hearing your feedback.

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